Providing Education, Support & Inspiration

for the Journey

The National Down Syndrome Congress asked us partner with them for the 6th year in a row in offering a SPECIAL DS-ASD TRACK at the45th Annual National Convention in Sacramento, CA, July 20-23, 2017.  It was a grand success and we loved meeting you all!

"SHARING SESSION FOR PARENTS: You Are Not Alone... When Your Loved One Has More Than DS" facilitated by Charlotte Gray and Jeanne Doherty

Terry Katz, PhD presented a PRE-CONFERENCE session called, "Ditching the Diapers: How to Move Forward with Toilet Training for Children and Adults with DS-ASD"  

General Conference DS-ASD Track:

"DS-ASD 101: Understand the BASICS of Co-Occurring DS and ASD" by Charlotte Gray and Jeanne Wheeler Doherty

"Common Behavior Issues in Children with DS-ASD from a Medication Perspective" by George Capone, MD

"Understanding the Behavioral Phenotype in Children and Adults with DS-ASD"  by Susan Hepburn, PhD

"Measuring Cognitive Growth and Change in Down Syndrome" by David Hessl, PhD

"Will My Child Always Wear Diapers? Understanding Toileting Problems and Exploring Strategies" (A shortened version of her pre-conference workshop) by Terry Katz, PhD

"Sleepless Children and Exhausted Parents - Understanding Sleep Problems and Exploring Solutions" by Terry Katz, PhD 

Join us next year at the NDSC Annual National Convention July 12-15 in Dallas!